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Never seen this over North America


This EasyJet a319 squawked 7700 on approach to Caligari after going around twice. It appears to have landed safely now.


U23203/EZY17PB. Bookmarked and will check Max’s next weekly incident report to check what happened


Ok great! Hopefully it’s all good


Ek441 from Adelaide to Dubai seemed to have diverted to Colombo and is now off to Dubai again. It is only 2hrs late so must have been a quick diversion. I was on this flight less then a week ago !


Hahah I was hoping you would see this!


Still trying to figure what’s happening here.


This is weird


Do u know what happened to it?


One of the longest, if not the longest 737 flights


Maybe the demand wasn’t high enough for an A330 so they took a 736? Just a guess.


Geeze. Wouldnt want to be on that for that long. Have a 5-hr flight from DFW to Costa Rica in august and was surprised to see it was on a 737-800


It’s an all business class flight. Kinda like how BA does LCY-JFK.


I never knew Gatwick use’s that runaway for departures/Arrivals.


I’ve never seen that Easyjet livery in my life…

I remember when I went to Cancun on that plane 3 years ago on premium economy :)


Spotted a go around at Gatwick with EasyJet, while looking for my flight.


This is a rare visitor at Tirana


Holy smokes he’s all over the place 😂


Diversion, and then realised no need to divert, weird must have fixed the problem. Turns out it landed at Pretswick


Saudia 772 closely trailing Embraer Kc-390