Flightradar24 Findings


Very special aircraft that I am going to be flying in 12 hours…


I have hundreds of those fly over every day


SAS used to fly to Houston from Copenhagen I believe, but they cancelled that route because of dropping oil prices


Well…a ground vehicle at FL360? FR24 what’s up?


Wouldn’t that stimulate the airline market? I am not an economist or something, but you know…


Southwest only operates 75 and there is only 483 in service so I don’t see how hundreds fly over your house every day 🙄


It was a metaphor for a lot of southwest fly over my house


Well that isn’t a metaphor. Is more like a dramatisation. Ok whatever.


I’m not an economist either, but that’s what I’ve heard 🤷🏼‍♂️


You just so happened to capture Marty and Doc’s Delorean entering the 21st century. :)


Maybe I did! Still waiting for those hover boards though :P



I’ve seen all of these fly over my house! I live in Southwests largest hub in Houston so I see a lot


Well I’m in Alaska so I never see southwest. Just a lot of cargo planes and Alaska airlines and delta united American frontier and Icelander


Oh cool! I would love to see more cargo planes


pictures say it all


It’s rare to find aircrafts flying from Pondok Cabe Airport. I thought both are military aircrafts but it seems that both aircrafts are private aircrafts owned by some small regional airline based on there


Was very lucky to find this baby :)


what was that doing around my city ? beautiful plane


the air force does pop around every now and then