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@LouDon16 a perfect example of what we were talking about earlier.


Absolutely is Kevin! Thanks for sharing!


oh yeah, just saw the quite typical Boeing front, should have looked at the describtion below the picture, but even then is a 767 a quite big plane for his distance.


Thanks for the information! :)


Maybe. As I said, it isn't uncommon for the 767 to be flown in relatively short routes, especially in BA.



Arsenal flying to Sydney for the pre-season matches

Is this a new route?


Odd route here!


Probably a flight for logistics movement, maybe a plane at MIA has been temporarily grounded and this is flying in as a replacement?


But if it was flying in as a replacement, wouldn't the flight number be higher? Like 9000+?


@Tyler_Shelton @Joseph_Spinner i was wrong, can confirm this is a regular TUI flight from EHAM-KSFB-KMIA. The weird part is that TUI317 is EHAM-KSFB-KMIA, but TUI318 is KSFB-KMIA-EHAM?


Any reasons why a lot of flights have been delayed or canceled at Vienna Airport?


I found a southwest 737-300 flying over my house :)


Might be a transfer between cities, caught a China Airlines 747-400 flying overhead from SFO-LAX I found out here on the community that it was an aircraft transfer


No. It was commented above. It's a scheduled flight. TUI has been operating it for many many months.


Odd flight patterns tonight. There are 2 more WN planes behind this one doing the same flight route, one from FLL and one from TPA, usually they fly straight up the coast but I guess not tonight!
EDIT: It's because Washington Center had a fire so they were unable to control! So the planes had to go to different centers


Could have to do with the weather in the Carolinas. I know that flights were delayed and some were even diverted out TPA when I was there earlier today.


Actually a ramp worker at ISP just told me that Washington center had a fire so they couldn't control!


That makes since too. All I know I was stuck waiting for baggage for 2 hours in TPA today because of a ground stop due to lightning and bad weather.


Qantas Link flying out of state (very rare) for those who don't know Qantas link only operates as a regional airline and usually only flys in one state

I went on this flight on this aircraft I forgot what the pilots said when I asked them why they use 717's on this route 🤣