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Starting to descent for final approach.


BA on final approach after holding.

Germanwings does have to take a pretty weird flightplan because of thunderstorm.


Rain, low visibility and a fair bit of wind ATM here in Santiago… more landings in the 35s.



BOEING Deliveries Today - 6/22

Saudia - PAE - JED - HZ-AK44 - B77W (New Delivery) - https://www.flightradar24.com/SVA9026/dd3b6d3

Saudia - PAE - JED - HZ-AR12 - B789 (New Delivery) - https://www.flightradar24.com/SVA9012/dd3a093

American Airlines - PAE - DFW - N781AN - B772 (Maintenance)


That AA 772 is 17 years old


Yeah, as @Puncakes said, it is 17y old and is probably getting maintenance.


A ballon shows up on radar…


Where’s the balloon?


Tap on the photo for the full picture


You’ll find those balloons everywhere. It’s part of project loon. It brings network services to remote locations.


@Kizzyjet @Lx_D While it may be true that Delta owns private jets, that’s a Gulfstream 200.

DPJ only has the Challenger 300 and 604, Learjet 45XR, 60, and 75XR, the Citation Bravo, CJ2, CJ3, Soverign, X, and XLS+, the Falcon 2000 and 7X, a Phenom 300, the Gulfstream GIV-SP, G550, and G650, and a Hawker 800XP. In addition, Delta’s Private Jets fly under their own code (DPJ) and callsign (Jet Card).

Looking at the FAA’s registry, you can where the private jet came from:

The Gulfstream had that registration until 2014 when it was de-registered because it moved to Canada, and Delta subsequently reserved the registration for a 73J. That plane was only delivered last month, and as a result it’s likely there are no pictures uploaded for it.


Thanks, we all learned something new


Looks like we have a visitor at MMMX/MEX, we’ll be able to see it departing with sunlight because it’s delayed 😳 I’ve never seen it before here at Mexico City


Found this at my local airport. Probably will be here for a while.

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Yeah I was tracking her yesterday.


So I found this, and googled the tail number, it’s something else so to say…

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Was listening to KSAN while watching FR24

I spotted a neo. It said as it’s age “brand new” by frontier


Temporarily holding near Nairobi

Err, Mombassa is the other way sir. Oh well.


I never knew Monarch operated the 737-800