FlightCast Episode 46 - Southern Fly Girl


Episode 46 is now streaming and is the second part in our Women in Aviation series. This episode features Angela Sells, aka Southern Fly Girl! Toss a follow her way on Instagram. The link is in the episode.

Angela joined us to chat about her love for aviation, her battle with cancer in the midst of getting her PPL training, and her aviation photography.




Will be very interesting to listen her story of challenges she had to face, I’ll try to listen the podcast later.


That’s really an inspiring story. I hope her story can motivate us in aiming our goal despite the flaws we have to face. Thanks for interviewing her Jason and I’m looking forward for this podcast!


Each and every single one of us has our own faults to face, it’s how we get up and keep going after falling down that sets us apart from each other. That’s the beauty of humans, once we’ve set our mind on something we don’t let anything stop us. Thanks again to Jason for the podcast, I’ll be sure to take a look at it later :)


Now I’ve got something to listen to on my ride to Vegas. I’m sure this episode will be great.


I’ll give it a go during my flight tonight. Thanks Jason :)


Just listened to the podcast - another great production by @jasonrosewell. Thanks!


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