Flight planning series | Part 4 Flight plan & fuel planning


How are you trying to plan? From a flight aware flight plan?


I use SimBrief now (suggested from VA) to create a flight plan, you just have to make sure those navaids are correctly in the game. You then can copy/paste from SB into IF as shown above.

OnlineFlightPlanner.org is also good


Hi Brandon im just doing it on IF connecting fixes.

I logged here to figuere out a better way


Oh yes read the tutorial that will take you forever. Type in all the fixes into the search bar then hit ok. Part 1 will explain how to get the route from FlightAware.


Everything is fine until i come to flight route and decoding
Wherr do i find this on flightaware ?


Click on the flight you want then scroll down to flight data and it should be there.


Well done on the tutorial, Brandon.


Thanks for the tutorial Brandon. This got a bit buried because of the #support spam. Very useful, indeed!


a question. when you start a flight, you can choose the departure boarding gate but at the airport of arrival I do not see that option Can you set an arrival gate at the destination airport or can you just for departure?


At the moment it is just for departure, would be an interesting feature down the line.


Heres the flight data i clicked on graph but no plan inside


I’m pretty sure that FlightAware will only give you the flight plans for flights that cross the US airspace at some point (example: MEX-CDG). If you still want accurate flight plans for other countries, I’d recommend using simBrief. :)


Yep in that case your going to have to go to simbrief for the route then. Make sure you’re comparing the route to current weather though. Simbrief only brings up previously approved routes to choose from.


This has been a huge help! Being able to copy and paste the flight plan into IF is an amazing feature. Ive been trying to figure out all the common arrivals for LAX., Ironman1, Hollywood1. This is great!


My device just crashes when I enter a long flight plan. The graphic settings don’t have an impact on the crash. I think it might be my connection.


I am copying the flight plan and pasting it but nothing happened. Can you help please?


Paste the flight plan here and show me your steps.



I copy it from online flight planner and I paste it in the search box.

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You’re pasting this in the search bar on the map page after spawning correct?



This from flight data base it only connect CYQB to CYYZ directly no airways