Flight planning series | Part 4 Flight plan & fuel planning


Are you in flight? If so at what speed, and which aircraft type? I’m also showing an enroute time on FlightAware as 13:40 for that flight.


Just after takeoff - United 787-9. Maybe 180-195 kias.


Awesome tutorial! Love it!


Nvm, I sorted it out. Thanks for your help anyways!


Is there a specific website where we can download flightplans ??


I red this throughly and I still don’t understand how to make a flight flan. :( can someone pm me on how it’s done please.


Go to e.g. http://onlineflightplanner.org/ and make your flight plan. It shows you the waypoints for your route. You can easily copy the waypoints and include them in Infinite Flight as shown above.

Example for EDDM - EDDH:


Calculated for an A321. Fuel usage approx. 3.219 kg, reserve fuel 3.437 kg.

It is really easy!


Thanks ! Got it ! Cant wait to get done with work and fly a full flight ! Good Job Infinite Flight.


What part are you having troubles with? Creating the big flight plan or adding waypoints afterwards?


Jets are 30mins prop 45 mins reserve fuel


No any IFR flight is 45 minutes past the alternate as stated above.


It is 30 mins reserve fuel. 5% contingency fuel. If there is a alternate.

Without alternate, 45 mins reserve fuel. 5% contingency

This is the actual figures. May be figures are different in the FAA regulations.


Thanks Brandon! I appreciate the series you created and I will certainly use it!
But I have a question. I know that in this case you used a real flight and didn’t actually create a new FPL, but when I create a flight plan on SimBrief Airways are part of the FPL. Does that mean I can’t copy-paste it into the sim?
I don’t know if this is very on-topic, but I guess I have to ask it somewhere.


Airways are not fully supported yet. So it’s best to input every waypoint on the airway to get the proper route. I’ll also add that simbrief just gives you a route that has been previously approved. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best flight plan for the particular time you’re flying. :)


I am not sure on how to add the way points and then click my destination with out moving my airplane there:


Oh ok I see where the confusion is. The spawn in screen looks almost identical to the map screen. You will need to spawn in at your departure airport. Then go to the map like always, and enter the flight plan in the search bar there.


If you please could you make a video tutorial of how you can do it please?


I couldnt find the actual flight plan on flightaware.

What i inderstood is i take it from there and just paste it in IF and it will automatically load. Right ?


For the most part, yes. But there are some navaids and waypoints not loaded into IF yet. So… ive seen some crazy things happen on my FP, including a navaid not being where it was supposed to be according to flight planning site


Im struggling in planing and the map is not very clear and boarders between countries and terrain is not there and no much fixes