(FINISHED) Wizz Air VA - Recruiment Event / LandingCompetition @LHBP - 151900ZFEB18 (More Gates Available)


Yeah no problem, you got gate R224


Are there any available gates? Could you please assign me to one, Sir?


Off course I will 😂 Gate R221 right next to me.


would like to attend this event, could you book a gate?


Yeah no problem, gate R223.


You better have a gate left for me or I will have to take out the AC130 for some hostile action. It’s your choice.


Id like a gate please!


😂 you both got gates, @MartyFlies @jmwilliams17 no problem, see you there on Thursday 👍 see the first post for your gate numbers.


ALERT - Don’t miss out! Only 1 day left, sign up for the event now and get a gate!


Just added a poll for the event, I would appreciate if you could answer the poll so I know what to do for the next week event and any feedback plz comment.

Many Thanks
COO Alex Hancock


I don’t know if you can change it but if you can-make the poll anonymous.


Just to confirm this will be at 3pm est right? if it is a 3 pm EST than I might be able to do ATC if needed


Hi I think it will be 14:00 est, but thanks for the ATC offer but @SouthernDude is doing it, would you like a gate for the event?


ALERT - Event is today, the day hasn’t finnally come! Please spawn 5min before, and only start push at 1900 so I can get some good photos.
You can still sign up for the event if you can make it.

Many Thanks
COO Alex Hancock


Sign me) Gate number, please? :)


R211 Is you gate, nice to have you coming!


7 HOURS TO GO! You can still sign up if you want to take part!


I think I will be in school then… sorry


That’s ok, thanks anyway 👍


2 HOURS TO GO! You can still sign up if you want to take part!