(FINISHED)Pacific Crossing @ RJAA -141430ZMAR18


Sure give the airplane and callsign


This is my first time doing a live event can I pick the 777-300er plane


@Chris_Kelly welcome to IFC, make sure you read the community guidelines. Glad you chose this as your first event. You can have gate 037 tell me your callsign


Eastern time it will be at 11:30 tomorrow correct?


@Chris_Kelly I’m not sure and I’m going to ask to use an American XXX callsign


Okay my callsign is now
American 615


Okay now I bumped it an hour back will you would be able to come and it will be 9:30am EDT


I can be sfo tower and ground do you think you have an eta on touchdown time?


if you go to the status bar and check ETE for All Nippon 7 Heavy which will be me, take SFO tower and ground at 2215Z Would you like to be NRT DEPARTURE


Do you have anybody to be atc on rjaa. I pt would be better for me to be atc than be a actual aircraft. I have better experience on tower.


Sorry already have somebody, can you be KSFO approach


I don’t think you can be appr


Ya know what I mean m8


Wait…its tomorrow?


Sorry I can’t join. I will be at school then.


Oh okay just…


I can’t come to the event so if anyone wants to run it go ahead


I can’t sorry. Ask someone else


I can be RJAA departure


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