(FINISHED)Pacific Crossing @ RJAA -141430ZMAR18


Today is March 12 in the United States


Ohh is the flight on Wednesday in the morning?


For me, it is Wednesday, 9:00am PDT (I am at school then)


I. If ht not be able to do it if it is not at night. Sorry.


Yeah I’m in California and I have school at 9.


At first, I thought it was going to be 8am in the morning, but I remembered Daylight Saving Time, so we are no longer in pST, but PDT


I live in the Bay Area


Maybe if the time would switch to 1500Z I would be able to come

On Wednesdays, my school starts at 8:50am


Yeah they should change it to tonight at 8.


Tonight at 8? Then I still won’t be able to come :(

I have a lot of homework to do and Wednesday is a late start, so I can take off before school and land after school


That’s true. But still at nigh is good so you could quickly take off and land either really late or in the morning…


I just realized that I have class and miscalculated the time, pm me if you don’t make it, 1530Z


What time is that in ca.


What do you mean 30 min ahead of 1600Zimage That is what you might be thinking


Does anyone want to hear a joke


Sign me up
Plane: JAL 789
Callsign: Japan Air 436


I won’t be able to make the whole flight, so I’m not coming. But you may see me in an F-22 about half an hour into your flight or so. Speedbird 226!


Gimme a gate plz…!


Roger Gate 35 see ya tomorrow sorry for the late response.


8:30 am PDt for you mate