(FINISHED)Pacific Crossing @ RJAA -141430ZMAR18


Server: Training

Region: The Pacific I guess

Airport: RJAA

Time: 1430Z

NOTAM: Please choose ANA 781 or ANA 777 or JAL 789 or AA77W. We are flying to KSFO.
GATE031:@Nashes ANA7
GATE035:@Copeland_Nowell JAL436
GATE037:@Chris_Kelly AAL615
GATE041:@Seeni IDK
GATE042:@BigBert10 AAL 100
Flight time is around 7:45
RJAA Tower:@SlimeFlyer
RJAA Ground:@SlimeFlyer
RJAA Departure:
KSFO Tower:@Trevor_Austin
KSFO Ground:@Trevor_Austin
KSFO Approach:@Beast_Assassin

Not 100% guaranteed

Flight info: Crusing altitude FL350. M.85
Departure: 250kt to FL100 VS/2800 320kt to FL350Will change to M.85at FL280
Arrival: 250nm out of SFO descend to FL320 VS/1200fpm. 175nm out of SFO descend to 4000. VS is your choice, but get to 4000 before DUMBA.It will be in the flight plan
Feel free to tell me if I need to add anything.


That’s way too fast…


Let me change that @Matthew_Chan


The max I would say is .85. There isn’t much point in going faster as it starts bad habits. It should be 320 knots airspeed before the transition.


@Chatta290 @Matthew_Chan sorry this my first event.


No problem at all. I hope you enjoy it!


When you try your best and you don’t succeed…


I’m not sure that’s a plane. Anyways I can join. Can I be in another plane though?


77W if you want. This how I feel


Make sure it is the AAL livery


@Deltabro roger tell me what airplane and callsign


Ok, brb in one sec…


No KSJC involved? :(

ANA operates flights from RJAA-KSJC.

Anyways…I’ll join, but on one condition:

We push back right when 1600Z strikes. No delays. I hope I can be home from school soon enough to land. Let’s hope there are no tailwinds.

If I don’t show up, I would not be able to come. School is really stressing me out right now.

Put my name down, but don’t expect me to join. Thanks


I can be Tower and ground ATC at RJAA.Thanks


@BigBert10 it’s fine I forgot you don’t make it, so what is the airplane and callsign


Roger make sure there is no crashes


Ummmm, I’ll try lol, thanks anyways @Nashes


I will just fly the ANA 777


American 100 77W

If I can get enough hours for AAVA, I can fly the 77W for that airline, so I might appear as AAVA100


What is your callsign