[FINISHED] [Filled: 67.8%] [114 People Attended] A Realistic Airport Event on the Expert Server @ KLAX - 242000ZMAR18


I had to move you two to bigger gates @Georges180305 @OwenKreisler


Thank you for joining! @Georges180305 @OwenKreisler @Colin_Scally @CarlosFunes @BigBert10 @Chris_Peralez


Aircraft: United 787-9
CallSign: United 813
Gate Request: Gate83



Sign me up,
Aircraft: Delta 737-900
Route: LAX-DTW
Call sign: Delta 2332
Gate: Any available gate at terminal 2 or terminal 3


No Problem! Can’t wait to join!


I will add you both as soon as I get home. @Gulai_Shen @Boeing797


At what time is the event going to be if I am in Dubai ?
Thank you in advance :)


It would be Sunday morning at 12:00 a.m. on March 25th.


Thank you so much @Brent_Adams :)


You’re welcome @Georges180305


I’d like to take a gate please, B787-10 - KLM110 - KLAX - EHAM


Gate 68B please


Hi Adam, Gate 83 seems to be too small for the 789 and I don’t think there are large enough gates at terminal 7 and 8 since 77, 78,and 76 are all taken. would you mind moving me to the International terminal gate 131.


Aircraft United 737-900
Callsign United 123
Gate 83


I was just checking people’s gate requests and how their aircraft fits in that gate. I saw that your’s didn’t fit but unfortunately I can’t move you to the TBIT. United does not operate out of that terminal in reality but I do have United gates in the Cargo area. I can move you there, if that’s ok with you?


Auckland. NZAA Sorry about that.


Thank you! Already put down but wanted to confirm


That’s perfect. Thanks


For a gate I’ll actually take gate 24 at terminal 2. My aircraft and route info is in my earlier post.


Aircraft: 787-9
Call sign: Air Canada 150