[FINISHED] [Filled: 67.8%] [114 People Attended] A Realistic Airport Event on the Expert Server @ KLAX - 242000ZMAR18


Oh. My apologies. I will get that fixed


Thanks for joining! Hope you enjoy the experience! @Yash_M @Haspro


772ER, El Al 613, KLAX-LLBG, TBIC gate 131. Thank you!


sign me up please :

Callsign : Delta 2374
Gate : Gate 22B, Terminal 2
Aircraft : boeing 767-300

Thank you :)


Oh Ok.
They must share the same callsingn


Callsign: Emirates 2244 Heavy
Aircraft: A380
Terminal B Gate133


ok, so what gate will I be at?


Aircraft: Delta Airlines Boeing 737-9
Callsign: Delta 1277
Route: KLAX - ORCKA2 Departure - MISEN - KEPEC6 Arrival - KLAS (Flight Level to be Determined)
Gate Request: Terminal 2 Gate 23


On IF, the El Al livery is on a B78X not a B772


You will remain at Gate 148


Callsign : DLVA2492
Gate : Gate 32, Terminal 3
Aircraft : Boeing 737-800

Thanks in advance.


Sign me up please:

Gate: Any Alaska Airlines Gate
Callsign: Alaska 733
Aircraft: Boeing 739



I know, but El Al flies a 772er on that route so I will be flying in the generic livery


Alright. I was just asking because I would love to see a variety of aircraft. You can change the aircraft if you’d like since IF does not have it. I would like to see the different liveries in the TBIT. It would be weird to see a generic livery at a realistic event. 😂


Lol well I just realized I can’t make it on the 24th, so maybe you can get someone else to show up in an El Al livery 😉 I’m sorry, I should have checked the date before I responded


Man that really sucks. I was looking forward to having you join. I hope to see you at another event😉


Yeah I’m also disappointed. Thanks though!


ok, that will be fine.


Hello! I would like Gate 133 for Tom Bradley. Lists about my flight are below
Aircraft:Boeing 777-300
Route: Los Angelas to New Zealand
Livery: Regular New Zealand livery
Callsign: ZK-OKM

That’s all! I’m looking forward to this event. Wish to see everyone there!


NTAA will be your destination I presume?