[FINISHED] [Filled: 67.8%] [114 People Attended] A Realistic Airport Event on the Expert Server @ KLAX - 242000ZMAR18


Everything else sounded good.


Great, see ya there!


Thanks for joining! @Joseph_Krol @CodyBatto @obsidianflyer


PM me please! I need to ask you something that’s off topic


Yeah thanks, that will be fine,


Ok let me fix that for you real quick


how long will the event go for


It will last for about 20 minutes with the aircraft that’s showing up right now. If it gets packed, it will last for about an hour easy. In addition, if I can get this region covered in the IFATC schedule so I can control, it will probably last around 2 hours.

The post has only been up for about 24 hours and I already have 24 people attending. We still have over 4 weeks for people to join.


i wanna join, we need this so bad in IF… but 6am doesnt work for me. if it lasts long enough, i will be in


How long would it have to last, because I could PM you when I see it will last that long or longer?


that would be great thx


What time would be great so I can see if it lasts that long in the future?


probably atleast 8am in Aest


Ok I will PM you once the event has reached half capacity or close to it.


I’ll come!
Callsign - FX547
Aircraft - FedEx MD-11
Route - KLAX to PHNL
Gate - Cargo FedEx 08

See you there mate!


Thank you for joining! See you there!


I’ve done my homework mate ;)


My route is LAX-IAH, not LAX-HNL btw


Sign me up!

Callsign: HASPRO
Gate: 130
Aircraft: 77W - AF (Skyteam)


Proud to see FedEx pilots signing up. Can I please take 04, Callsign FDXVA-01