[FINISHED] [Filled: 67.8%] [114 People Attended] A Realistic Airport Event on the Expert Server @ KLAX - 242000ZMAR18


Would you like it to be changed to (B744) (Qantas 3231) (KLAX -KJFK)?@Pilotcorn09


Gate FedEx 01 (MD11F) (FDXVA09) (KLAX-KMEM)


Thanks for joining the event. Other FDXVA members are welcome to join.


Thank you for hosting it. Ill spread the word, we should be able to send some guys your way


You’re welcome and that sounds great.


I’ll be Speedbird 270 to London with the A380.


Gate 152 is all yours! Thanks for joining!


Um I’m listed as a B720. I think there’s a problem…


I would like a FedEx cargo gate please.

Callsign: FDXVA15 Heavy
Aircraft: MD-11F


Lol I accidentally copied you


Sorry about that. I will fix that for you.


I will add it later after I’m done controlling LCLK


I’ll confirm a spot next week, this event looks like it will definitely be fun


Callsign: UVA-006
Aircraft: United 757-200
Gate: T7 76
Thank you!


Thanks for joining! @CaptAwesomeAaron @Aalan


I’ll take Gate 132 at the Tom Bradley International Terminal. (A319) (Volaris 927) (KLAX-MMMX)


Callsign: FDXVA-29
Gate: FedEx Cargo 03
Aircraft: MD-11F



I’ll take a gate at the TBIT, (777W) (Cathay 15) (KLAX - VHHH)


Gate 132 would fit that aircraft better


Okay, I’ll change it to Gate 132. Everything else sound good?