[Finished] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Exploring The North Vol. 1 @ CYWG - 172000ZFEB18


I like to be Rouge please


The circled one is Rouge.

Gate 15 is yours!


I will be rouge please


Yep! Gate 15 is yours!

See you Saturday! :)


Hey there looking forward to Saturdays event.!!

I like to know if I just copie your flight planning when I see you from gate 15… ?

I just been training the flight (super windy) ✅

Since I’m all new in events, I will just go to IF app and come to the airport on gate 15 and you all be there.?

Is there som from of online chat we all are chatting on when in flight.?

I know the server is (training) but in IF when I’m logging in it looks like this correct.?


Yes you are correct. We will probably be using IFC PM Chat to communicate.

Glad that your excited!!


count me in a aca319. air canada 124


Roger! Gate 14 is yours!


Rouge sign me up please


Would you like the Air Canada Rouge or the Regular Air Canada Livery?


Air canada rouge thankz


Hi sorry i am in calgary that means my time is at 3 est am i right


3 PM EST is correct! :)

Gate 17 is yours!


Sorry, I have to either divert or leave early as I have another event.


Event is tomorrow. Who is pumped for the first Exploring the North!!!
-Nate Weisman Deputy President of the ACVA


I am! I am! I am!! :)


I’ll take a gate, Jack!


I’m in. Any gate is fine. Bobby [AC118]


Can I have an open gate, Air Canada


@Tray is part of the acva btw @Balloonchaser. This will count for his flight training.