[Finished] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Exploring The North Vol. 1 @ CYWG - 172000ZFEB18


Yeah. Atleast your flying with Air Canada Colors on a Hawaiian Long Haul! ;)


I’m in! I will fly on the Rouge livery


Roger! Gate 13 is yours!

I ran out of edits for the day :/


Is this in expert or not?


This event is on Training Server 1 [TS1]


Nice Catch!

I’ll fix that! Thanks!


I’m able to join the flight.


Would you like to fly the Air Canada Rouge or Regular Air Canada Livery?


Is the flight only on the A319?


Can I be Ground and Tower at CYEG?


Yes sir! Only A319 :)


Ok, i’ll take the regular Air Canada livery


Alrighty! Gate 12 is yours!


Are you any good?

I would love to have you control for me sometime in the week and then we can make a decision :)


I have 1,300ish operations,
understand all tower commands (including remaining in the pattern)


Roger! Ill put you down as CYEG ATC. :)


Cheers, ill put a reminder on


We’ll open up more gates if necessary!


can I have a Gate ? call sign is europa999


Would you like to fly the rugular Air Canada Livery or the Rouge one?