[FINISHED] A Huge Airport Event @ EGLL - 241800ZMAY18


Go big go home, right? I’ll take it!


Hey I’m the one that made the map :)
I’ll be China Southern 787-8 EGLL-KJFK any gate


I gave you gate 403 to KJFK with China Southern.


I gave you gate 563. Thank you for participating.


I’ll take gate 317 EGLL-LFLL A319 with callsign Speedbird 194


Gate 317 is yours. Thank you for participating.


ANOUNNCEMENT : The event is in less than a week


I’ll take gate 512 EGLL-MMMX callsign Speedbird 333 please :)


Gate 512 is yours. Thank you for participating.


Just to confirm this is on may 24th at 1800z (I am bad at reading the format)


Yes, it is on the 24th of May at 1800Z


Oh shoot! I have school at the time of the event. It’s going to be 11AM where I live (time of the event) and my school starts at 8:10 AM (1510Z)

I won’t be able to make it sadly. You could take me off the list. :(


Hi, could I have a spot? I’ll be an A319 callsign Speedbird 726. Thanks


I gave you gate 502. Thank you for participating.


I just realized that I have school during the event. Can you remove me?


Cargo gate 601,Air Bridge Cargo, EGLL EDFH, 747-8 for me pls


Hi,can I have gate 259,South African Airlines, a340,EGLL-FAOR ,the call sign is Marek


Can i attend please? 777-200, BA(VA), speedbird 3 5 1, EGLL - LEMD


Also T5, any gate please


B773, British Airways, Speedbird 406, EGLL-UUDD, thank you. (BAVA) T5 any gate please