[FINISHED] A Huge Airport Event @ EGLL - 241800ZMAY18


@SAA_A346, I gave you gate 259.


Gate 340 is yours, Thank you for participating.


I am sorry, but gate 340 is for regional flights, not flights to KLAX, but I can give you gate 563, with BA to KLAX with an A380.


Please assign me a gate, Qatar, A340, OMDB- OTHH


Gate 414 is mine !))) thank you and see you soon!


Hey bud, I’ll happily take any gate… [B773 | American | 160 | EGLL --> KJFK] preferably next to someone, ty!


Can I have a gate please?


When we leave Heathrow, does that mean there’s no more ATC services. If that’s the case, is this just a departure event in which once everyone departs and the event is closed?


Yes, like it’s only a fly out event.


I gave you gate 406. Thank you for participating.


Gate 414 is yours ! Thank you for participating


I’ll come as follows please:

Aeroflot Cargo
Aeroflot 19 17

Cargo Ramp
Gates 601 to 606



Hey, I gave you gate 319, from EGLL to KATL, with delta A330. Thank you for participating :)


I gave you gate 237. Iberia A321 to LEMD. Thank you for participating :)


Announcement : Guys, if we want this event to get ATC, let’s all vote for @kevinlu1999. He’s the only one that put the UK region on Thursday. Thank you for your attention.


Gate 608 is yours. Thank you for participating.


I’ll come as follows…
British Airways 773
Any Gate


I gave you gate 575.


Thankss. Will make sure I’m there


British airways Gate please?
London - Toronto for Boeing 747-400