[FINISHED] A Huge Airport Event @ EGLL - 241800ZMAY18


Thats not necessary. Announce it at 14 days 7 days 48 hours 24 hours and 1 hour before the event


Okay thank you very much.


We need more pilots to get ATC !!!


Have you considered making the event less realistic? Might be more attractive for pilots that don’t want to make medium-long haul flights, just hop in for a fun takeoff from a busy airport @ the expert server and then land somewhere near.


Yeah you’re right, But this event is meant to be as realistic as possible.
In my future events, I will take this in consideration.


I’ll take gate 228, EGLL- EKRK.


I just added you. Your callsign is SAS 504. Thank you for participating.


2 weeks left until event !


Sign me up
A380,Qantas 232 EGLL YMML
Gate 303


Gate 303 is yours. Thank you for participating.


Exactly 14 days left till the event. 30 participants.


Sign me up for this one, thanks :)
And my Callsign will be: Vietnam 54


Gate 412 is yours, thank you for participating !


Let’s try to get 45 pilots. There is only 9 days left !


If there is someone else who wants to fly SAA, will you accomodate another gate for such a person/s?


Yeah sure. Why, do you want an SAA gate ?


I’m only asking because there might be one or two more people from South African Airways Virtual who might join me for the flight home(FAOR)


Can I have a gate, please? For South African Airways VA


Can I switch to gate 340, EGLL to RPLL?
I will be PR721. Thanks!


You know what… it’s been a while, what the hell.
313 available still?