[FINISHED] A Huge Airport Event @ EGLL - 241800ZMAY18


Gate 415 | Boeing 777-300ER | AirSmall | ASM 39 Heavy | KLAS-EGLL


There is no air small to KLAS, but I can give you British Airways, EGLL-KLAS with a boeing 747-400 on gate 320.


Thats my virtual airliner I was hoping you would let me squeeze in :( lol


I can give it to you view that it’s your VA. You will have to come with a generic livery.


Yup that sound about right :)


Okay so I’m giving you gate 320. 777-300er. EGLL-KLAS.


rogre that boss!!! Thanks btw


Thanks appreciate it mate see you there!


Can you put me at gate 319? I will be operating as DL 31. Thanks! 😎


Gate 319 is yours. Thank you for participating.


I’ll take Gate 240!
Iceland air 757-200


Gate 240 is yours. Thank you for participating.


27 people participating.


Hi,i need to pull out of the event because of exams…


I just removed you from the event.


Just making sure, when is the event?


The event is on the 24th of May 2018.


I’ll take SQ317, London to Singapore, Gate 252, Singapore Airlines A380.


@saad375 Gate 252 is yours. Thank you for participating.


22 days till the event.