[FINISHED] A Huge Airport Event @ EGLL - 241800ZMAY18


@Georges180305, can you do me a favor and put the real world callsign into my route as well?

I’m at school right now, so I can’t look it up on FlightAware and im also rapidly typing up this post



@Artem_F, I added you to the event, your callsign is BA706.
And thank you very much for remiding to contact the IFATC.
I didn’t add Iberia to T5 because I wanted to do the terminal only for British Airways.
And also thank you for correcting the spelling errors.


@BigBert10, I added the real world callsign into your route.


Who are the IFATC admins because I want ATC for an event on Expert that ill be announcing soon. I didnt know you had to contact them. Who are they?


The IFATC admin is @Trio. I contacted him and he said that he would love to tell his team to add ATC to this event but he couldn’t if on this day, the ATC schedule won’t be in the UK region. So I contacted Tyler and I asked him if on the day of the event, the ATC controllers could be in the UK region. He said that if there is going to be more participants, he could do it.


I’ll take Gate 558, British Airways, EGLL-VOMM using the 787-9. :)


I just added you. Gate 558, Callsign BA32


Hello, it would be really great if some of you could spread the word for this event. Like that it would be easier to get the IFATC to put this region on the schedule of the 24th of May.
Thank you.


I’d like to take Gate A20, A321 Aer Lingus EGLL-EIDW


I gave you gate 239. Aer lingus. EGLL-EIDW. EI151


Gate 321, American Airlines, EGLL-KJFK, 777-300ER, AAVA0359 please


Gate 321 is yours. thank you for participating.


Thank you. Yeah no problem can’t wait :)


Can I take gate 402?

Airline: El Al
Callsign: ELY83
Aircraft: 787-10



Gate 402 is yours. Thank you for participating.


I would love to join but the Event falls on a Thursday and i will going to school the day after (Friday) so i won’t be able to attend. But good luck with the event and to all the pilots flying ✌


@Georges180305 i would love to join but unfortunately i have a dinner with my girlfriend.

I have a huge event starting at EGLL which will happen in August but will be announced soon. Look out for it.

This event sounds really fun so good luck to you


@BennyBoy @Captain_JR I hope I will see you in some of my other events.


I hope so. However I have GCSEs this year so may not be able to till July or so. Thanks for the offer


Can I get a gate for SAA EGLL to FAOR please. A340-600.