[FINISHED] A Huge Airport Event @ EGLL - 241800ZMAY18


I’d Like Gate 404A , TAROM392 London-Bucharest


Is there an EGLL-KSJC with a BA 788?

If so, I’ll take it’s corresponding gate.


I added you to the event Gate 404A @Gaby_Burnei


Sorry but there are no flights to KSJC. But you can check some other destinations @BigBert10


BA flys a daily service too and from KSJC with a 787-9. The callsign is BAW279


Why is Gate 516 closed?


hallo, Gate please sir. B789, British, Speedbird 808, EGLL-EHAM


I know but I didn’t add it to the event.


I closed it because it’s a very small gate.


Oh ok that’s understandable


I just added you to the event. I gave you gate 514. @Johann_Viljoen


Ok, never mind then. I like flying EGLL-KSJC, so other destinations do not interest me.

Especially flying an A380 to KSFO (I’m bad at it XD)


I will try to change to destination of a gate. I will put it EGLL-KSJC with 787-9.


I gave you gate 543, BA 787-9, EGLL-KSJC :)


Ok, thanks. :)

Can’t wait for it to start! :D


I’ll take gate 237, B787-9 British Airways EGLL-KJFK


I’ll take gate 305, EGLL - YPPH B789. Callsign: Qantas 10


@Bermuda2016, there is no british airways on gate 237 so I can give you British airways, 747-400 gate 539 EGLL-KJFK. Is that okay with you ?


@Matt02 I added you to the event. Thank you for participating.


Why is there no Iberia in T5?

Also, you will not get ATC for this event unless you have contacted IFATC admins. So consider switching to Training:)

Add me to gate 590