FedEx 757


The FedEx 757 would be great to have in IF. The livery looks verry good on the 757 and Its one of the main users.

Please leave a vote and maybe this wil come in IF😀

Link to picture


Wow, this is not requested yet? hope this does come to IF although the 757 is aging and winding down in business.


Please be aware of the features category guidelines.

Old Request: FedEx B757-200SF

Thank you, good day.


I searcht 757-200 FedEx nothing found, this is the second time this happend Im sorry.


You can PM the mods and ask them to close the old topic if you’d like.


We closed the old one but remember to do what Nathan said next time.


Okay Thanks! Sorry about this!


This seems like a major over sight! We need this!


Yeah! Thanks man! Maybe this wil
come with the rework!


My dad flies these for FedEx, he’s actually in Memphis learning to be a FO on the MD-11. It’s a great plane! I’m still looking for it in Gemini lol!


You got my vote, this would be a spectacular aircraft in the Infinite flight skies!


You have my vote on the subject


@TheCoolPilot @JOSH_STV Thanks guys 😀 hope this wil come! @7405896A is your dad still FO or is he captain?


He has the choice between MD-11 FO or captain on the 757, he choose the MD, it just has better sceduling, and he is based out of LA which is only an hour away from where we live.


Thats cool! Hope he has safe trips!


I love the FedEx livery, but I think we get all the missing ones with the rework of the B757/B767. If we’re lucky enoug, we’ll get a B757SF and the B767F with it (FedEx livery included of course).


I am down for this as a member of FexEx VA and a lover of the 757!


Thanks man! Many liverys to come!


Yeah, this would be such an awesome edition for the FDX virtual’s fleet as well as infinite flights!!


Yeah the 757-2f FedEx serves many routes!