Expert Server Requirement Changes


How many violations to be permanently banned?


This have been answered a couple of times now, and it is stated in the initial post.

There is no specific number. There is a landing to violation ratio. You have to have twice the amounts of landings as you have violations.


There is no violation limit. You can have a million violations, but, you would have to have 2 million landings to still be allowed on the Expert Server.


I did it on TS1 a few weeks back when a person joined for the first time in a 757, two other guys in the chat reported him and he vanished. I assume he was ghosted because three people reported.

This is what we’ve needed, though I would prefer 10 ghosts instead of 25. The 50% violation to land rule I think is alright. Is the 50% rule a little kind though?
I think another thing for the future should be Grade 3 if they get one violation in a day they go to Grade 2, however the 7 day violation should stay the same, unlike Grade 4 and 5.


Go to next time you’re on a flight click on yourself and then click
this button:

Then you can have a range of stats, especially your landing count and violation count.
However you can only see ghosts of the past 3 days.


And respect for the controllers grew three times the size that day.


Hahaha so true! Anyway, I’m almost up to G3 and can’t wait to experience this new Expert server, I was hindered from gaining XP because of school. Both a blessing and a curse I guess since I don’t have to put up with the noob pilots!


Lol this is so true. But its only making the quality of the Expert Server BETTER


It will for sure. I like it.


That’s the point. The 25 ghostings is SUPPOSE to intimidate. It’ll make sure that you’re on your Ps and Qs


Especially because I’m still in the process of graduating to IFATC so hopefully this will insent people to act less stupid. Probably not. Maybe.🤞


Touch and Go’s on Casual


Just checked the server load. I don’t EVER remember seeing 86 percent load on the Casual Server. I’m guessing everyone’s trying to get their landings up by doing Touch and Go’s to either make the cut, or give themselves more breathing room


Can you check how many ghosting I have please if it’s possible.
I don’t know how to. @Tyler_Shelton
Please, I expect it to be 0 or 1


Same I was so bad I’m 2014/2015, I got 140 violations.
Now I’ve only got 2 this whole year.


Exactly. Where are you flying right now? I can check on LiveFlight

Edit: Nevermind, you can’t check all-time ghostings. Sorry.


Nowhere at the moment but I’ll be setting an overnight flight on in around 15mins


It’s already been answered here just in case :)


Yea, unfortunately I wouldn’t be surprised if I had 5 or 6 in 2014/15


Can Tyler or any dev/mod not even check them?