Expert Server Requirement Changes


Cool, I agree with these changes. I’ve realized that so many more people have been on the expert server simply because their XP is high enough. Most of these people aren’t mature enough for the Expert server. We need these more strict rules so only the mature and serious ones are flying on the server.


Is there a way that I can track my all-time violations and ghosts?


How long if u have to many violations will this last to go back on expert?


This will last until FDS decides to change the expert requirements again. Right now, if your landing to violation ratio is not 2:1 or better, you are “grounded” from expert.


104 for me 😂


Well im now going to do touch and goes in a cessna at some random airport in the casual server. I reached grade 3 a couple of months ago and got ghosted in the last fnf at Frankfurt which was totally my fault. Have to be careful from now on.


I would like to request that your total ghosting count be added to your pilot info screen…not just the max ghostings in “x” days…for a pilot to better know his previous penalties…as in my situation in which l know l was ghosted at least once or twice by either IFATC or the former three report rule…that l read has been discontinued since global…for improper flying due to severe wifi lag before l could exit the sim in time …l think this would be a helpful addition !!!


It’s not about time. It’s about violations to landing ratio. If you have 50 violations, you need 100 landings. 150 violations = 300 landings.


You should know this thread isn’t made for requests…
Although this would be very useful in my opinion.


Nevertheless this is quite germaine to the issue and topic at hand !!!


I have just been told I can not access the server as I have to many violations.

I absolutely love playing this game and now I can not play it properly.

In the beginning I was quite a bad pilot with a few violations but now I would consider myself quite good and have observed all of the rules for a long time and just became a grade 3.

Please is there any way this can be sorted for me?



Rules are rules no exceptions.


Do touch and goes and you’ll be back
You need twice the amount of landings than the amount of violations.


Do touch and go’s to increase your landing count, and avoid doing anything that will earn you violations. Pretty simple


Can you help me understand how your Expert Server access enables you to play properly?

The rules can and should be followed on any server. 🙂


Maybe he means that he can’t play with players that aren’t that good because they get in the way?


Nice! I don’t have PRO yet, but I’m glad these changes were done before I got it… Every flight I’ll probably remember the consequences of messing up and have my eyes glued to the screen… Except from what I’ve seen on YouTube and stuff, even 10 ghostings is something you have to try to get…25 is just plain stupid.


If you vilotion to landing ratio is over 50% are you permenatly banned from Expert Server?


No, only if you have more than 25 ghosts. This will likely change in the future though.

Ultimately repeat offenders will be banned from expert.


Not permanently. Once your landing to violation ratio is above 2:1, or 50% then you will be allowed back on.