Expert Server Requirement Changes


I agree with this. If you get ghosted by violations, it already means you (not necessarily you, it just sounds better worded like that :)) aren’t following the rules, and should count towards your permanent ban. People who leave their devices and get speed restrictions are at fault here; no one told them to leave their device.


That’s only true when it includes the phrase “for no reason…”


“Ghosted for no reason!!!”

  • Taxiied through the grass to cut the takeoff line. True story


I find that these changes really make the Expert server a professional server, it sets it apart from others because it puts an end to trolls.


I don’t understand what’s wrong.


Basically lining up or taking off or landing without clearance


Love this new rule. It’s like giving the boot to the few remaining nimrods on expert.


Ok, I wasn’t thinking hard enough.


Is the 35 knot ground overspeed earning still a thing? If I recall it doesn’t seem to be a thing


1I’m a grade 3 pilot I like this rule but isn’t this a bit too harsh.

2 in my opinion I think there should be a weekly ATC training because some of the controllers give ghosts for no reason and how many times can we listen to this but I do like the rule.


Controllers never give ghosts for no reason. If they make a mistake they will often PM Tyler to have it removed.
If you got ghosted PM the controller and ask why, because almost every time there was a reason.


I remember that one time I taxiied too fast one time and i didn’t get a violation warning.
Pretty strange but that better be added soon in order to ensure not colliding with other aircraft.


For the millionth time, there’s always a reason. You might not see the reason, but ATC does. Some ghosts can be reversed on a case by case basis.


Personally for me, if someone is an experienced and well appreciated pilot, this won’t be a problem. But I believe that it isn’t harsh as it puts more of the “Expert” to the Expert Server
I’m not saying that you’re inexperienced but with these changes, it would implement a safer atmosphere :)


I total get what you mean and yes I agree with this change.


I got 50 landings yesterday by doing touch and goes, took me just over 45 minutes. Just make sure to do it on the casual server.


I don’t understand how some people say this is harsh. Expert server is for expert players. This is all that the new requirements are doing, enforcing expert behavior on…the expert server.


.I total get what you mean and yes I agree with this change.


Just know the basic rules and ATC commands and you’re set. It would also be important to be respectful to others.


I agree that these are good changes done, I also think that it would be better to higher the requirements, so only the most experienced pilots get to enjoy Expert server.