Expert ATC Schedule • 8-14 January 18


Cant wait until arrives in Australia:)


Where is FNF this week?


It hasn’t been posted yet!


As always it’ll be announced by Mark Thursday or Friday. :)


I’m opening San Francisco (KSFO) now, see you all there ;)

Suggested routes

  • KSFO-KLAX - United, Delta, Alaska, American, Virgin America, Southwest (1h 35m)
  • KSFO-KSAN - United, Alaska, Virgin America, Southwest (1h 30m)
  • KSFO-KSEA - United, Delta, Alaska, American, Virgin America (2h 10m - 2h 20m)

Thanks to @Declan_Lyall_O_Regan and @Bare for the ideas!


Can someone open in Seattle? It would be greatly appreciated. :)


I have a question about the ATC schedule @Tyler_Shelton . Since the FNF doesnt begin until 18:30, does that mean IFATC will continue to control whatever is scheduled for Thursday until the FNF starts? Thanks in advance.


Yup, that is correct. Mark will be posting shortly. :)


I’m sorry to anyone at Houston Intercontinental. I just lost power and am typing this on my phone. I have no idea how soon I’ll be able to regain power here, so I’m closed for the night. Thanks for coming everyone!


Thank you for your service today.


Thanks to all ATC at MMMX & KIAH. I’m really loving Expert Server. I may never see Training Server again. I love the flow of ATC and Pilots on Expert Server.


For Sunday Australia and New Zealand (Monday NZT) here are some suggested routes (im not atc but just so people know routes.


Latamn 787-9
New Zealand A320/777-300/787-9
Jetstar A320


Jetstar A320
Air New Zealand A320, 777-300ER


Jetstar A320
Air NZ A320


Just departed from foggy JFK as BA2 heading for LCY!