Expert ATC Schedule • 8-14 January 18


The other KSJC local will open it while you’re away :)


Keep up the good work scheduling atc service


Thanks for controlling at KORD on Monday! You did well managing all those planes!


Special thanks to Sally, who s controlling LATI


Just did Wizz 456 from Paris Beauvais to Belgrade and @Paul_petropoulos did a stellar job on approach and tower. Thanks Paul!


LDRI :flag-hr: open
Suggested routes
EDDM - LDRI Croatia Airlines DASH
EGLL - LDRI Croatia Airlines A319
EDDK - LDRI Eurowings ??? A320


I’m opening Addis Ababa (HAAB) now, see you all there ;)


LEMD (Madrid) is now open.

Suggested routes:

LEMD - GMMN // 1hr 50 minutes
LEMD - LEBL // 1hr 15 minutes
LEMD - LPPT // 1hr 15 minutes

The return routes can also be flown.


what airports will be used in the Australia and NZ region


It really depends on what the controllers open, some common ones, would be Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland.


I’m opening Barcelona, Spain (LEBL) in case anyone is interested, with clear view today. Come to here and Pattern Work is accepted (Depends on the traffic volume)


Korean air 915 thank you for the good ATC at LEBL!


Thanks to all ATCs, you’re doing good :) but what does FNF mean?


Friday Night Flight. Our IFATC is amazing, don’t know what we would do without them!


Yes, but what does Friday Night Flight mean? what is the event there?


The FNF event will be posted soon. ATC will be controlling the location of the event.


Great controlling by ATC today! Loving the traffic at LEMD!


Thanks for the atc in LEMD. Looking forward to ireland on Saturday


I’m opening Seattle (KSEA) now, see you all there ;)

Suggested routes :

  • KSEA-KLAX - United, Delta, Alaska, American, Virgin America (2h 35m - 3h)
  • KSEA-KSFO - United, Delta, Alaska, American, Virgin America (2h 10m - 2h 20m)
  • KSEA-CYVR - United, Delta, Alaska, American, Air Canada, Westjet (50m - 1h)
  • KSEA-PHNL - Hawaiian, Delta, Alaska (6h 25m - 6h 40m)


I’ll be open at my home airport of KSJC!

Suggested Routes:

  • KSJC - KLAX (1hr 15min)
    Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines.

    Boeing 717-200
    Boeing 737-700
    Boeing 737-800
    Embraer ERJ-170/175

  • KSJC - KSEA (2hr 15min)
    Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines

    Boeing 737-700
    Boeing 737-800
    Boeing 737-900
    Embraer ERJ-170/175

  • KSJC - PHNL (5hr 30min)
    Alaska Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines

    Boeing 737-700
    Boeing 767-300

Don’t like any of the options above? Fly private/bizjet and go anywhere!

Great idea! @George