Expert ATC Schedule • 8-14 January 18


Cool, I’ll remove it.


Thanks boss. I just wanted to make sure no confusion was happening!
Great schedule :) glad to see IFATC so widespread.


Well done again Tyler, and the rest of the team. Love the schedules you come up with every week. It also brings us IFATC an amazing surprise.


Nooooo where’s Texas?! Still though, very nice job, can’t wait to fly these!


There’s always gotta be one…


Finally Africa! Will fly there for sure! :D


Awesome stuff best one yet :)


If only I could access expert😓, oh well, glad Iowa is getting some attention! #GrindTo40K


Thank You! IFATC is hands down very solid . They do a great job and I always enjoy and look forward to the events !


Sorry Tyler…gotta stand up for my state 😂


IFATC schedules never fail to disappoint, hopefully i’ll be in and out of EWR!


Those are fun. I’ve down Newsburgh to Dublin once, and there’s just something nice about crossing the pond in a narrow body.


Tyler please show some love for northern Europe as well, some fantastic scenery in Norway, Sweden and Iceland. I would love it if you could include these areas soon:)


Hey let’s have some fun a KMKE my hometown # Midwest Monday


Your hometown? I have a lot of family there and have flown through MKE frequently in my past :) glad to see another Wisconsin guy!


Great job but I like the other schedule better (ie last week). Anyways I’ll be at EWR representing my state!


Will KSJC also be controlled on Thursday?


KSJC is in San Jose which is in California, it shall be opened if a controller decides to open up a frequency :).


It’ll most likely be opened by @KSJCRampAgent :)


Unfortunately, I’m busy on Thursday but may be able to open it sometime after 1500PST. I’m sure another wonderful controller will be able to open it that day though!