Expert ATC Schedule • 16-22 Apr 18


Because Scandinavians love sunny and warm countries during wintertime :) This allows you to discover popular leisure destinations. Next time we might see the Canary, Balearic or Greek Islands.


amazing schedule. Thanks Tyler…👍👍


I’m so thrilled! South Africa gets featured, Ethiopia too.
Monday is Africa day…
Thanks guys for a very interesting schedule. Looking forward to exploring different areas this week in smaller aircraft.


Can’t wait to fly from KSAT as FFT508. Great work Tyler.


Well made structuring there… By having 2 zones it helps relieve stress on a single airport/zone and encourage active airport shuttling between two areas as they vary from medium to long hauls… Smart move


This schedule is messing with the OCD I don’t have…yet.

Intresting that its so wide spread, South Korea and France at the same time. I love it though, This will be a fun week!


Good to see South Africa make it! I feel like I’m one of the few who occasionally flies in and out of South Africa.


Nice schedule! Hopefully the region of Gambia & Senegal (West Africa) will be involved soon; that airspace is never occupied.


Looking forward to this, only 19hrs or so till I get there!😂


Well done! ha Im departing PANC for FAOR, 19 hours enroute. Looking forward to flying this schedule this week. Thanks again guys!


Could Guam be opened on Thursday?


If it’s class Charlie then I will look into it. Do you have an ICAO code?


PGUM…is the main airport…it is probably Class Bravo… two 10K plus rwys !!!


Can probably offer PGSN as a close alternative


ICAO is PGUM. It’s halfway between Hawaii and Taiwan. I was going to open on Thursday if it’s permitted


PGUM has about twice as many ops as PGSN… as of 2015 FAA data !!!


Yes but I can’t open at class bravo yet so I have the ability to open at Charlie’s close to the regions


I’m pretty excited for thursday! PHNL! You will actually see me there hopefully the entire day doing short hauls


I’m sure you do atc in Mexico every week?


Messed up my codes and was trying to figure out what way from Honnolu to Africa was only 19hrs😂