Expert ATC Schedule • 12-18 March 2018


Wait what? 24 hours?


yes, all the time i can while its open for ATC.


Yay, South America on Thursday! Perfect day to fly SCEL-SAEZ


Ooh Sunday covers Ohio. Guess I’ll get some local flights in.


Once again, great schedule Tyler. You never fail to disappoint!


On Tuesday, when the ATC is in Australia, is it a Wednesday or a Tuesday for us and what time will it be for us Australians.



Here’s a conversion chart
Changes happen at 0600Z


Awesome schedule as always Tyler. Just a little feedback (and I’m aware I may be in the minority, but like to give feedback anyway) I’m not a huge fan of the schedule covering areas not yet covered by HD scenery.


Just opened up at MMPR. A beautiful airport right on the west coast of Mexico. Pattern work is encouraged!



Suggested Aircraft: Virgin America A320
Altitude: 35,000 Feet
Speed: 250 KIAS
Time: about 4 hours
Distance: 1512 nautical miles
Route: KORD HINCK JONZZ FALLT KLAX (Chicago O’Hare to Los Angeles Intl.)
I will fly this Sunday, hopefully ATC will be at ORD. :)


Suggested Aircraft: Generic 787-9
Altitude: FL360
Speed: Mach 0.85
Time: 10hr 15min
Distance: 4585nm


@Balloonchaser I just saw you yesterday on lukla with @Trio


yeah! We fly regularly in ATCEG Group flights


What’s your next flight?


PM if you want more details, but talk about the brilliant schedule because you all are making me uncomfortable.


Love the schedule this week, but as @nicochile2 said the colors are a bit hard to differentiate with out looking closely. I know as a color blind individual I have had trouble differentiating colors in the past as well. Given that there is an estimated 7% of the male population which is color blind I think you may be able to improve these maps by using color blind safe color schemes. I have attached a link to a color symbology website which shows many color schemes. It also has a check box to only show color blind safe color schemes. I know that I would greatly appreciate color blind safe color schemes, and I am sure others will too. COLORBREWER 2.0: color advice for cartography


I agree with you @Oplaner. I hope that on Saturday, someone from the IFATC members will control EPWA. Often, IFATC members choose more familiar airports.


It’s up to the pilots as much as it is the controllers. If we see 50 inbounds to EDDF and 2 to EPWA, which do you think has a better chance of being opened?


Lots of traffic at MMUN! Nice work controllers and thanks as always.


I will open EPWA either way. This is my home airport, my city, my first workplace.