Expert ATC Schedule • 12-18 Feb 18


Heavy Sand storm hitting OTHH, Minimal Visibility, we should see some tough landings.


Oh great…
Literally just took off from JFK heading towards OTHH :)


@Haspro same here in Abu Dhabi (OMAA)! I can hear the wind from my bedroom, haha!

And apparently, it’s not going to be better in a few hours: :o


wow! its not that windy here but visibility is minimal


Yep, this was taken in Doha an hour ago ahah!


Can someone be ATC at KLAS please? 🤔


Just because you asked… No



Ok. Wanna go! Jk. I don’t think that’s what IFATC wants you to be lol


@AsorbMC I departed KLAS about 1hr 17min ago and there was IFATC. IFATC probably won’t be at KLAS again today. Look for other airports to fly out of manned by IFATC. I’m sure there are some scenic options! ;)


IFATC controllers partake in controlling voluntarily. They have lives to pursue outside of IF as well. And it wouldn’t make sense to ask a controller to open up an airport in my opinion


It’s all worked out. No big deal. 😀


I’m controlling YBHM now. A beautiful airport. No accepting anything larger than 737-800 or A320. Q400 recommended.

YBHM - YBBN (Q400 QantasLink)
Scenic flight around.


YSTW (Tamworth, New South Wales) now open on the Expert Server!

Suggested Departure Routes:

YSTW - YSSY (40min)

YSTW TW 3233S/15115E 3357S/15111E YSSY


YSTW - YBHM (1hr 40min)

YSTW TW 3019S/14950E 2813S/14923E NITTA HM YBHM


YSTW - YPPH (4hr 40min)

YSTW TW 3130S/15031E 3234S/14936E 3351S/14839E 3415S/14604E 3408S/13520E FAGIN FILET FLAKE DUNDA GRABL HAMTN DAYLR YPPH


All flight plans are IF friendly. Copy & paste the longer flight plans into IF

EDIT: CLOSING IN AN HOUR! Come and fly a short hop mate!
EDIT2: closed <3


I know EDDF was controlled last week, but is there any chance it will be revived this Sunday? I was gonna fly there on Saturday but I was on a violation cooldown (my first one in a LOOOONG time). I’ll probably be rolling in around 10-11Z tomorrow regardless.


I imagine it will be open at some point tomorrow


Anyone know if KPIT will be open on sunday?


Not asking just curious if anyone had previous plans, no one needs to go there just becuais of that though


No one knows. It’s the choice of the individual controllers to decide that.


Since it’s gonna be transatlantic controlling tomorrow, I’d doubt it. Possibly ask next time they do just northeast US controlling.


There are a few trans atlantic flights, WOW to reychivic, Condor to frankfurt, Quatar cargo to Luxembourg, Delta to paris…