Exercise Red Flag - Day Four - Checkpoint Race @ KEDW - 201600ZJAN18


Can I join the 393rd bomb squadron?


We had a a spot open up with the aggressors. Obsidianflyer dropped out.


hi there I am interested in taking part. available most of the times

@Ben not too late is it?


No not too late.

Everyone else, there is only one more day to sign up! The more participants, the better the exercise!


wow wish I had seen this earlier! What a great idea. I’ll be looking for another event like this in the future since I’m guessing it’s too late to sign up.


Not, it’s won’t be too late until the event starts. Just me me know where you want to be and I’ll sign you up.


Where is there an opening for tanker? Also, how do we communicate?


Unfortunately, all tankers have been filled. However, you can still sign up elsewhere, all other aircraft still have a slot open.

We communicate by PMs by team, and some teams have gone ahead and made discord severs and what not.


I believe you can join the RAF 12th Squadron, flying F-14s. There has been a bit of a pilot shortage recently.


Roger that. Any opening for special op in a C130? I’m quite familiar with that plane.


Yes there is. Which one exactly would you like to join?

@David_Beckett Don’t worry, they should be filled soon. GAF will be sending pilots or help and fill the remaining open slots.


Wasn’t there supposed to be a PM for each team?


There is, I made them all except for team blue, as they were ahead of me and already made one.


41st Airlift squadron please! I believe that is red team.


Actually hold off on that for a bit - I will get back to you soon. I want to check my schedule to make sure I can do this event with no conflict.


Can i join you i dont mind which plane either fighter or transport


@Ben what do you want me to do just put me down for any of the c130 things maybe the RAF one or another


I’ll give you the RNAF C-130 out of Eidenhoven. Thanks.


sorry to be a pain can I go in this one so I have company lol


Yes, sure thang. You should have company either way, but I’ll switch you for preference.