Exercise Red Flag - Day Four - Checkpoint Race @ KEDW - 201600ZJAN18


Due to a family emergency I will be unable to attend


Not a problem, family first, always.



Planning the flight in right now. I remember there being a parking issue at Nellis and it was moved to Edwards, will all event be flown out of Edwards?

Are you assigning parking locations at Edwards if so?


Yes and yes, the exercise will be all out of Edwards this year. I will get gate assignments for teams today.


Also, what server is this taking place on? For the fly in, could you get IFATC to provide service?


I have been torn over that. I am not sure if zipping around at mach 2 is expert server behavior, but, on the expert server, we know quality pilots will show up.

And could IFATC control if not the active region?


You’d have to request it through Tyler I’m sure.

We could zip around since it’s an event out in the desert.


COuld I get a spot in the 117th please? Thanks!


Mach 2 flight on the expert server is permissible provided that other traffic isn’t affected. If my name was Tyler Shelton I would put a NOTAM in place to advise pilots of the presence of military activity, since there is the possibility of conflicting with traffic arriving and departing KLAX. Obviously this isn’t an official FDS event, so is unlikely to be implemented, but it’s still a good idea, so you never know.


I’ll ask Tyler about that. And for anyone, not just OP, was the speed limit removed on only fighters or all military aircraft?


Just fighters and c130

Though I’m not sure if the 130 had a limit put on it after its initial release. Fighters you can take off full burner and climb out as fast as you want. Within reason of course under ATC


I think I can recall flying faster than 250 knots at low level in a Hercules. Not sure though. Tyler can answer pretty much all questions related to ATC and rule enforcement.


Ok, with that, it shall be expert. The KC’s have no need to be going over 250 anyways.

I’ll ask Tyler about ATC, though not needed, would be nice and add to the experience.


Yea I was just thinking about it for day 1 arrival if everyone is going to make your 1700z arrival time.

The aggressors out of eielson have our departure time figured out to make it at 1700z.

We just need to find us a tanker to meet along the route.


Does your team have a PM? Or just the aggressors?

For everyone else, PMs should be coming soon.


Just the aggressors for the fly in. I think on of the aggressors is getting a chat set up for the entire team


I’ll leave it you you then. You can always try and coordinate with your tankers if you can’t find help elsewhere.

As for everyone else, PMs have been sent out.


Ben, @Arjun_dayal has been switched to @RealAviation1974. Sorry about that.


Where and when do the tankers leave on day 2, sorry if this is already answered


I am very sorry, but could you please remove my position as it’s way too early in the morning for me. The events are between 1:00am and 5:00am for me