Exercise Red Flag - Day Four - Checkpoint Race @ KEDW - 201600ZJAN18


I’d like to sign up 16 special squadron plz


Can I be part of this group?


@Dom.Y.21 Yes, you are signed up out of Milldenhal.

@Ishan_S okay!

@GasMan we don’t have a slot right now, but I will likely expand soon enough, and you will be the first to get a slot at the 9th.

Also, very neat! I lived on Travis for a little under 6 years, 2005-2011. Very neat that you actually fly one of the almighty tankers. I remember standing on the OSS building and watching you guys. Very cool.


Alrighty thank you ben!


Can I be on Team Blue?


Not right now, unfortunately, as it is filled. However, there is still available slots in every other team!


Will there be some form of verbal communication present within teams? Sorry if the question has been answered already, just seems like a good idea.


That is up for each team to decide. It would likely be very useful, however.


Yes i would like to become a reserve


Hey @Ben,

I have noticed that Nelis Afb has not a single spawn-point, aside the runways. It has not been finished by the Airport editing Team yet.
This makes a large event a little bit complicated, doesn’t it?

Possible diverts are:
KXTA Groom Lake in Nevada
KDMA Davis Monthan AFB Airport in Arizona
KEDW Edwards AFB Airport in California

Regards, Tom


Fantastic catch Tom. I doubt we will get another push in the upcoming days, and I double it will be edited, so we may have to move. I’ll choose Edwards, as it is still surrounded by the unique scenery, and does not at all lack the size needed.

Thank you!

That means that Red Flag 2017 will not take place at KEDW, Edwards AFB, California.


Exercise Red Flag is just over a week away! That being said, there is still open slots on teams! Fill them up while you can, the more participants, the better the event!


@Ben for the fly in does departure need to be from your base airport? If so for fighters/bombers should we arrange aerial refueling on this thread or outside this thread?


So I am in the 41st Airlift Squadron. Should I be contacting anyone?


@USA007 That is the goal, to fly from your base. However, I know not everyone can fly in, so it is not the end of the world if you don’t.

@Delta_Alpha_Lima I will be setting up team PM’s shortly so you guys can communicate. You can also do so if you wish.


Think this is for me!


Getting pumped. Can’t wait for this to start!


Sign me up for the JASDF First Tactical Airlift Group!


Can’t wait for this, so excited!


Just a mere four days away! Sign up now to get your spot. The more people participate, the better the event will be.

Team PM’s will be established and sent out tonight. After that, it is up to the team on how to organize things.