Exercise Red Flag - Day Four - Checkpoint Race @ KEDW - 201600ZJAN18


Yes, there are two full teams left. You have the choice of the USAF 134th or Israeli 1st.


Due to popular demand, we have decided to expand the AAR squadrons to three members each. Therefore, @Rocco_Palen and @Christian_Richardson, there are now slots available for you guys to join. Just let me know the Squadron you guys would like :)


I will take the 9th aireal refueling squadron please.


We’re down for the USAF squadron and we will be adding 4 more members with a total of 8


Can I have names? And would you want to take the bomber squadron (F-14) as well to stay on the same team? If not, the other four our can take the -16s on the Israeli Squadron or the -16s on the Taiwanese or the RNAF bomber squadrons.


WARWOLF 1 @DeltaMD88Fan
WARWOLF 2 Lucas Sherrod
WARWOLF 3 Ifp.Gavin
WARWOLF 4 Jo.Johansson

WARWOLF 5 dylann
WARWOLF 6 brett0403
WARWOLF 8 TheTimster

And we will take the USAF F14s if we can fly as a group of 8 during the sortie.


By reserves, do you mean the Air National Guard (also known as the Air Force Reserve)?


Just me, not sure what TJ is gonna do


@DeltaMD88Fan, okay, will do, and thanks for the mass participation!

@NetJets_Nick, No, I do not. What I mean is those are people who could not find a slot but would still like to participate, so alternates, really. If we get enough, we will either expand current teams or create another team.


JOh ok. I was just wondering. I actually watched a Documentary about this event with my CAP Squadron.


This is seriously top notch good work.


Can I be part of the Aerial refueling Squadron please? I am really hoping to attend as well!!!


Absolutely! Which one would you like?


Id like to be on the White team please!


Could I be in the 2nd air refueling squadron team blue


Ill take any refueling squadren


Will the A-10 aircraft get involved at any point because if so id like to over write my airtanker squad for a squad that is going to use or be allowed to use the a-10


Yes, it will. I was planning on a formal announcement tomorrow morning that would introduce A-10 squadrons and their role each day.


2nd air refuel squadron blue team


Can tailwinds flying club VA reserve all the remaining spots on team blue? Thanks