Exercise Red Flag - Day Four - Checkpoint Race @ KEDW - 201600ZJAN18


This is a fantastic idea!! I would like to join 393rd Bomb Squadron - Whiteman AFB, Missouri - F-14


9th Aerial Refueling Squadron - Travis AFB, California - KC-10

I’ll be usaf tanker


If I’m flying the F-14 from Marham, will I be flying all the way from RAF Marham to Nellis AFB on the arrivals day?


Hi, i would like to be part of 351st from mildenhall


Well if you can hit tanker all the way then you could, im trying to get into the tanker 351st and so if you get in contact with someone on the tankers you could fly with them all the way, otherwise do stop offs


Should be able to fill in some manning gaps. IFAE-GAF has been authorized to support your RF 18 event. Standby for names.☺


What squadron we jumping into?


This event looks awesome, 16th Agressor Sq please!


I’m curious… will the 16’s be able to compete on a handicap? Going up against 22’s…


It has been mentioned many times that the 9th is filled.


Awesome, reserve all 4 please :)


Will do. You at Tj both or just you?

And with the -16’s handicap, I tired to work around that by never having a team without one. The -22 and -14 are much faster and have more range, but, it is a team event, and if everyone has a -16, it shouldn’t be a problem.


I just got here so i didnt know


@Scott_Ellis_Paddon @Christian_Richardson all refueling squadrons are filled, however, would you like become reserves? In the very likely event that we add a sixth team, you guys would have those slots.

@David_Beckett Yes. However, if you are not able to make the entire trip, that’s ok too, no worries.


Yes please …


@Fredrik_Hammargren sure thing!

@SilverSurfer one of the slots has been filled,saving three at Kadena, but there is other teams available to join. And could I have names please?

@Justin_Chan still want it?

@Christian_Richardson Okay, thanks.


I would like to be part of the 353rd bomb squadron of team red please ;)!

Warm Regards All!


Yes, I would like to join the 18th Agressor squadron though.


Hey could I join one of the air refueling squadrons if there is any space left


Any room left for 4 F16C aggressors? Our OSDFva squadron is interested in participating