Exercise Red Flag - Day Four - Checkpoint Race @ KEDW - 201600ZJAN18


This is great. I’d like to be in. Kindly add me to the 19th Fighter Squadron.


Sure thing, happy to have you :)


Is there some place to fill in 4 to 6 F22s?


Some slots on Team Blue please.


I would like to sign up for the 41st Airlift Squadron on team red please :)


I recommend you to open a small fancy discord server, its easier to organize the details of the event then :)


Hey I would like to join into the 19th fighter squadron of the white team please


While the KDC10 slots are filled, I would join with the 351st RAF KC10



Can I be on reserve for Airiel refueling?


Oh wait there are spots open for it. I think if so can i have 351st Aerial Refueling Squadron - RAF Mildenhall, England - KC-10


@Ben… MaxSez: BZ, WELL DONE!

Note: Where’s the HOG Sqd?


Thanks Max, and you’re right. I don’t know. I may have to make a few brief changes.

Everyone above has been added to where they have asked.

@SilverSurfer, yes, the JASDF team from Kadena is still fully available with 4 F-22 spots.


Being from the UK, I’ll fly for the RAF from Marham, if that’s possible. I was planning a similar exercise myself, but this looks better organised. Maybe I’ll try something similar to this for Exercise Joint Warrior, in the UK sometime around April.


@Ben. Lived and flew out of Okinawa back in the day. To my knowledge the JSDAF Det is at Naha Int not Kadena, AFB. Regards.


I know. JASDF does not have Raptors either, nor is their a JASDF base at Kadena, it’s USAF. However, not many airports in Japan are redone, Kadena is the only military base that is, is that’s why I used that. Also, I chose the Raptor to get variations as well because it’s the closest we have to the -15.


Absolutely. And let me know about that, I would love to participate and help in any way I can.


I’ll take a spot
19th Fighter Squadron - Hickman AFB, Hawaii - F-22

18th Agressor Squadron - Eielson AFB, Alaska - F-16

9th Aerial Refueling Squadron - Travis AFB, California - KC-10

16th Special Operations Squadron - Cannon AFB, New Mexico - AC-130


You may only have one spot per person, as everyone will be competing at the same time. If you have multiple people who want to take each spot, then please let me know their names and I can get you guys set up. Also, the 9th is filled.


Hey this is a great idea!, congrats.
I hope everything goes according to plan. These things are the ones that make FDS amazing, not just a great sim, but also the community and its events !

I would like to participate with the JASDF 6th Air Wing - Kadena Air Base, Japan - F-22.


Sure thing. F-22 is yours :)