Exercise Red Flag - Day Four - Checkpoint Race @ KEDW - 201600ZJAN18


Could we take 3 teams if possible?


How many members are on the refueling team?


Currently 5 but 4 memebers is good could just watch.


Here’s what I’ll do. I give one member to team blue, two to red, and two to team black, who will fly the KDC-10. This does fill up nicely, allows you to fly, and still leaves other slots open for other refuelers. Can I please have their IFC names?


Me @Etrain @AIDoLS @Bobby @Kirito_77


Alrighty. I have assigned you to the 2nd with team blue, @Bobby and @Kirito_77 to the 9th with team red, and @AIDoLS and @Etrain to the JASDF group on team black. See y’all soon!


Sign me up for the 9th aerial refueling squadron please


Sign me up for the 9th aerial refueling squadron as well please


@Mks713 @HuttonG3 The 9th has been filled up, however, there is still two available slots on the Royal Netherland’s squadron and one on the 351st team, if you guys would like those.


Hutton and I will take the Royal Netherlands then, thanks.


Done deal ;)

And with that, it leaves just one Aerial Refueling slot open. However, that does not mean that there is only one more chance to get in. If the spot fills, and you still want to fly a tanker, make sure the sign up as a reserve. If we get enough signups, we will expand the tanker squadrons or even add a sixth team. Thanks!


Thank you, looking forward to it.


I’ll come in the 18th aggressor squadron


mate come with the tailwinds staff


What team are you guys on?


Team Blue


I’ll join team blue 👍


You guys are both added to the 18th :)


Thanks, looking forward to it!


Me too. Phenomenal and organized post by the way 👍