Exercise Red Flag - Day Four - Checkpoint Race @ KEDW - 201600ZJAN18


ok many thanks … …


@Asneed8706 is his replacement, gained a very good pilot in him.


Attention: The few team orange members will be transferred to slots on the other teams.

@Major-Tom @Mks713 @HuttonG3 Would you guys liked to be switched to a new aircraft, put as reserves, or removed entirely?

@Christian_Richardson There is open slots on other aircraft. Would you like to take one of those or stay a reservist?


I would like to join team red for the 2nd Aerial Refueling Squadron - McGuire AFB, New Jersey please. I will be any refueler for team red. Please i want to be a tanker


I am sorry, this event was first come first serve, and those slots are filled. You can either get a reserve spot or another spot in another aircraft. Thanks :)


Can I have a gate please?.


Can I have a reserved gate??


Can I have a RAF gate?


Yep, assigned you to the 14th with two other really great pilots. Check PM.


I have not received a PM yet…sure you added me?


My mistake, check now. Should be with the rest of your team now.

Sincere apologies.


I can’t find the 14th squadron.


What do you men? The PM is the entire team. Your two other 14th members are @LouDon and @David_Beckett


Whoops sorry I know.


You are flying the F-14. Gates will come out before the event on Sunday.


I will get a reserve spot. But i will still fly the route tomorrow in the kc 10 just in the reserves.


I will be a reserve kc10 pilot for the red team. But if not ill join as an f16


Will retire, maybe doing some observation during the event later.


This sounds like an awesome event however I live in Australia and most of the events will be really early in the morning. I would’ve really liked to attend otherwise. I am not sure if you put it in the original post but if this is on the training server I am happy to provide ATC during most of it. Or I could join as a de facto member


As this is an expert server event, and that IFATC can only control in assigned region, I must politely decline the offer, However, I can assign to to a squadron as a participant, if you would like.