Evolution of Global Flight


One of my main concerns is that I don’t want my iPad to overheat is that possible during long haul flights?


I haven’t had any problems with that. I usually turn down the screen brightness as much as possible when doing long hauls and don’t have the iPad close to me.


Question, if at my cruising altitude I’m am at bad weather, will i know whether to decent or climb to find appropriate conditions or will I just have to assume and experiment.


Will there be a way at finding out the altitude of jet streams ?(when flying over the Atlantic for example).


One question for beta tester: do they need to pay for global ?


Yes Greg, we must to pay for global. The devs didn’t share the pricing model yet, but it’s sure we must pay.

The reason that we must pay is because the satalite images cost really much money.

(I’m not a beta tester)


For those of you wondering about engines shutdown and one engine taxi, I developer told me that a tester was performing a one engine taxi procedure and forgot to start the second engine before takeoff… No further explanation needed


This is what the global map will look like when global releases…


Maybe not as much but will be quite crowded 😁


Make it winter for us down here, which ends in August. So, I had no speculation because our seasons are in different times.


This will be the time you will see where everybody here is from, because everyone will spawn at their local airports and fly over their houses


Seriously, people should really understand, they can’t become beta testers by asking…


Seriously dude? Global means Global. So obviously Dubai is in there…


I’ll get dush to remove the airport from global


They are not asking to be a tester, they are asking how to be a tester because they don’t know how it works and they are not part of the community which means they don’t know.


Oh ok, well thats good, yeah brightness would help. Ok thanks!


Yes it will!!! TS1 will be packed!!!


Guys, With the release of Global, Can we control All graphics Settings during Flight?


I genuinely don’t have a clue. Maybe when the update is release, we can find out. Unless somebody else knows :)


Isn’t the C130’s props getting updated?