Evolution of Global Flight


Woah how many replies have I missed


Me too ikr. Congrats FDS on your advancement to Beta!


The question is @SingaporeAirlines how soon is soon?


“When it’s ready”

A famous line said more then a millions times.


Pokemon music plays.

W-what? Global flight is evolving!

Mystical white light surrounds app. Slowly, it morphs and grows into a bigger data package.

Congratulations! Your Infinite Flight Alpha has evolved into Infinite Flight Beta!

Would you like to give Beta a nickname? Y/N


I’ve always wanted to do that. Finally, an apt situation for it.

You guys are going to love global. I known it’s been said many times, but the wait is more than worth it. Appreciate what FDS has done and take value in the moment, not longing. It’s not healthy to pressure or put too much attention on this- at the end of the day, it’s a flight sim that brings enjoyment and enrichment to our lives. Remember to live your life first. :)


Good statement. Hope this means something to everyone. FDS has been putting 150% into this project, and their work will be praised by every one here.

I be been waiting for this update since February, and I am still alive to this point. I think we can last a little bit more time. @JoshFly8

-Cheers to Global



Doesn’t care about what is written, Marvel’s at MD-11 picture


I totally forgot about that picture!


I guess so, I just love that picture and I wanted to end my state meant that way on a good note.



I had a feeling something was going to happen today with this update…


It’s actually a Death Crusier-10 model “less death, more lost packages” otherwise known as DC-10F


Wow, calm down. Believe it or not but there are people including me who look for way more different and unknown airports like longyearbyen.


Oh yeah um does anybody know if the fuel burn is accurate on older aircraft like the 330/340 and the 757/67 since their physics haven’t been updated in aome time.


Yes, fuel burn is different for each aircraft.


But would it be accurate for older airctaft?


Yes, a 787 will consume less fuel than a 747.


I guess that the devs have the right fuel usage information and there isn’t fuel burn now, so it’s added recently for every aircraft. This means it doesn’t count that the aircraft is older in IF.


I have a question, or few 🤔, I hope this doesn’t bother anyone and/ or it hasn’t been asked allready!

Can I leave IF running global overnight when I’m tucked up into bed? And leave it charging?

If I had it at 100% charge and left it overnight without the cable in will it drain it all the way down to 0% in a matter of a couple of hours, and my aircraft’s flight will be lost?

Or is the safest option to leave it during the day?

Thanks Pancake



Over nights is something we’ve been doing since day one. Haven’t tried without charger for the same reason you mention.


Ok thanks yeah maybe it’s a safer option to stick with the charger in…

Thanks again!