Evolution of Global Flight


It’s in beta 🎉


I am just as excited as you are!!!

EDIT: Dont post it in the tracker thread, it is just an official liveflight shot


Its the same as the picture in the other photo 🤔


Just saw that lol, ignore my original comment. (sorry about that)


I’ve deleted it anyway the picture wasn’t needed


Already posted above

EDIT: it could also be other devs or mods you never know :)


Well darn… that’s what happens when you only get notifications from Laura’s twitter…


Oh and they aren’t other devs or mods. However, interestingly enough, most are members of ifatc.

Edit, I stand corrected.


They aren’t. A lot may be but some are just normal users.


Do you’ve guys think that more beta testers will be added later?


Depends if more spots open up, but it’s all up to the Developer.

I as a Developer, made a Private Early Access to some people, my game should be leaving Early Builds into Alpha stage sometime in 2018


I meant the people that post to the IF Instagram


Ahh ok. The screenshot I had taken was from Laura’s instagram.


I wonder, is it random who they pick or is there a way to “try out”?


As a Developer, I usually choose friends I trust to help me test out my game with various feature I plan on implementing. No one is randomly picked, those who were invited are usually experienced game testers or people who recommended game testers to the Developer.

Now back on topic please :)


It isn’t random, beta testers are picked based on recommendation from the current ones.


Oh… …Darnit lol.


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Surprised that none has posted this

Looks amazing 😉