Evolution of Global Flight


So how will refueling be done? Will it have to be at airports? Just on the ground? If I flew to anartica in a c130 and landed, could I refuel anywhere? Does it have to be an airstrip?


No, it has to be done at an airport on the ground.


Specific airports or any airport?


@Auzzi it can also be done in solo while flying


Any airport, any time.


Will it be aircraft specific as well, and be on certain spots on the airports?


Nope on all aircraft with the brakes applied OFF THE RUNWAY.


Thanks gents!🙂✈️🛫🛬🛩🚀💺


You are very welcome!


People have been thinking that for ten months. Did you read my last post?


How did you post I also had to put more characters into my latest one.


Is there gonna be an option to turn off fuel, cause right now I’m imagining TS1 pilots…


Probably not… :) There might be some issues with TS1 tho


What do you mean? Turn off engines or just stop fuel burn like how it is now?


He means turn of the fuel burn


Yeah, turn it off and fly indefinitely, like now


I don’t think so. But you never know.


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Bahahahahahahahahaha I am dead that made my day


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