Evolution of Global Flight


This is how it works :

You’ll not become an alpha or even a beta tester by asking for. Alpha & Beta testers are chosen by devs (FDS). Usually alpha testers are contributing to IF. About beta testers, they’re chosen by recommendations. And the “recommender” takes responsibility for his/her recommendation.
No need to message, mail, PM… a mod/dev/alpha-beta tester ;-)

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Why he/she takes responsiblility? What can happen to he/she if something happens with his/her recomendation?


The speculating kings are at again. You’re thirst for attention is dragging everyone down to your level! Do not fret youngsters, the time will come.


I can’t wait when it’s September 1st and everyone screams “WHERES GLOBAL” “WE WERE TOLD IT WOULD BE OUT IN SUMMER!!” News Flash, summer ends September 21st, not when you start school, so if an announcement isn’t made by then and it’s still not out, then you can get upset. 😉


I highly doubt a beta for any game would take more than 1 or two months. Laura said many major bugs are gone once beta is released (so now the big problems are out of the way). It’s just the little things, IF there are any. But I do agree with you that don’t hype yourself up. It could be 1 week, or one month. (Just probably not more than that) Bugs can’t be predicted.


Nobody knows that though. It could be anything.


What? Seasons change September 21st all over the world.


The Southern Hemisphere will probably get what they wanted and how the devs said global will come out in summer. this is a joke don’t take it to seriously please


So according to that logic the Southern Hemisphere people got global back in February or get it in December.

I seriously doubt that unless Laura works with some kind of company which makes money from moving people from Australia to the United States.


Come on folks, the last 4 posts provide little to no value to the community. Get this back on track and bicker in a PM if you will! Good Day!


You guys are looking too far into it, it was meant as a general timescale - not to be dissected. Let’s move towards more productive conversation :)


This is the 9000th post, it’ll be cool if we can keep this topic active till 10’000 and the official (public) launch of global, without having to create a second/similar topic. The main purpose of this topic, is to relate all major and sometimes minor updates related to the development of global flight ;-)

Thanks guys !


Back to a year ago when Matt (Laura) did a flight from Honolulu to San Francisco, a year has passed since then and finally we have entered the next stage of the testings. When I woke up several minutes ago, and I woke up, and see these exciting news. I can’t breath now after reading all of these messages above my comment. I thought I was dreaming! As I woke up and heard these exciting progress

  • Around 7-8 new testers
  • Beta has been started

For a second when I checked Infinite Tracker, I thought Global has been released as I see so many people flying 😂. At least we already know that Global is going to arrive shortly, just a bit more patient and we will see “update” in our Google Play or App Store 😉. Don’t worry all, Global is going to come out soon and as Laura said earlier, your wait is going to be worth for this 😊


A flashback from Laura’s instagram and credits to Sean


Ooohhhhh snap Mark lol.


Are you kidding me? Do you have any idea how large the world is? You probably haven’t even seen the other hemisphere of it. Imagine flying from where you live in the UK to the US, then do that another trisectozillion times, with a quintsectozillion variations. Global means Global, not just where you want to fly, or where we want to fly, but every spot on the globe. There will be areas on the world map in Global nobody may every fly to, but FDS STILL has to pay for satellite imagery for it, because Global means, uhhh, EVERYWHERE. I won’t be surprised if we can find a glitch in Global that can get you to the moon somehow, this update is going to be so big. Nobody recently mentioned flying to Longyearbyen when a Global releases, or at all, but FDS is still putting it in. This is a major update, nobody can wrap there noggins around it. Leave FDS be and Global will eventually come. Until then, PC sims are the only way to fly around the globe. Also keep in mind this the FIRST mobile Global update, which is why this is so popular.

Seriously though have you even seen the other hemisphere of the Earth and by that I don’t mean on a map

Flying to Space

Omg, it’s this week. I don’t wanna speculate but I mean, beta shouldn’t take long.


Absolutely flying to longyearbyen, for one ;)


There had been so much talk about global, and the testing. What I would like to know is to what extent has ATC in Global been tested?


Neither have the last several hundred if we’re being honest here…


There was a post on the testers thread showing Henrik (need confirmation on who) doing an ATC ops for Laura. I know that it has been tested with Global this past week.