Evolution of Global Flight


Such a shame nothing major happened while I was gone…


Beta baby bunnies! This evolution has come a long way!


Beta could be 1 day, or 1 year. Don’t get too hyped guys


Think about it this way: The more testers there are, the more probable it is that someone finds an issue. There are a couple times as many testers as in alpha.
FDS sure has reached the next step, but the main purpose of beta is to thoroughly check the app in every corner to see it’s properly working in order to release a hopefully issue-free final product to the customer.
Yes, we are in beta, but that doesn’t say a thing. At least that’s how I see it.


I’m crossing my fingers for an announcement 😁, so excited! (Obligatory disclaimer: announcement may not be made)


I really don’t see why an announcement should be made. It has been announced on Laura’s IG and has been talked a lot about on here


Because I personally would like an update, as more information could help prevent speculation and just clarify a few things (will global be days, week, months?) It’s not necessary at all I’d just like one.


Ah, talk about perfect timing. I ordered a new device yesterday. Bring on the Global!


Remember coming in for a landing in the Shuttle? Pretty soon we will be able to jump in any aircraft of our choice and break the barriers with fuel calculations, real life route planning and breath taking views. Especially for the less fortunate that do not get to travel or leave their birthplace for that matter! Let’s maintain our humility and try to be constructive here remaining thankful and elated. Infinite Flight is leaps and bounds ahead of what it was back in April of 2012! Stay Thirsty my fellow IFC friends 😉


I agree with @Insertusernamehere except I would also like some new photos :)


With the release of beta i did some important points.

  1. I think the FDS is wrong about posting that it maybe in summer, because some people don’t deserve the trust of the devs, I found things that dropped my IQ level too much, WARNING:- EXAMPLES ARE REAL AND THEY MAY CAUSE BRAIN CANCER, ex:- “Summer’s last day is 1 month and 22 days away and still the update is still not out” or “Summer will finish in 21/9 in some countries and 22/9 in others, I ain’t sure which summer will FDS follow”

  2. Devs aren’t able to create the update with one click, they had to write maybe thousands of code pages (Maybe even more)

  3. BUG HUNTING:- They search and hunt bugs to make this sim perfect, c’mon! if global didnt release early people blame devs and if it did release but with bugs people will blame the Devs.

  4. Little bit offtopic:- with all the effort they do and even if it Got released, people will be upset because global wont be free.

I am giving my full support and patience to IF Devs and staff and I am sure this Update will be the best!!!


I do wonder how many lines of new code was written for this update. So in the off chance Laura notices this post, how many line of new code was created?


Maybe 4-6 figure number of code lines


Am I the only one interested in the mapping being able to perfectly see the excellent terrain.


Probably not

But all jokes aside that’s gonna be awesome. We can finally take our F-16 over Mount Everest and fly through the Grand Canyon.


I’m looking forward to the Mach 2.5 low flying in everest, the highspeed climb up Mt kozi. And if lost I can look at that map which is see-through now. Thats my fav part of the picture.


This post blew up… can’t believe it’s in beta


I’m guessing they are only inviting IFATC to become beta testers.


No that’s not how it works


150 new messages just because beta is here. You know how this works guys and you heard henrik. So dont get hyped this could last months or even a year