Evolution of Global Flight


“That’s a small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”

-Neil Armstrong


“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” - Nelson Mandela


What does that have to do with global? Just asking


IF version:
That’s a hole alpha period, with a hole hyped community



It will be funny the day it is released, everyone will loose their heads in excitement haha.


See above lol 😂, I forgot to put it


Please do not make such an assumption and set expectations (that may be false) for yourself and others. Let’s stick to facts that are presented by the developers.



People are going to be so happy. There’s going to be YouTube videos saying ‘GLOBAL HAS BEEN RELEASED!’


Nah probs reviews and stuff


I can imagine people laughting because of this, it’s like: -3 years later
-Wow, seriously they were thinking about Global all the time?
+Yes they were, srange right?


Some people…


Laura needs to roast that 4 year old


I won’t even say anything about that. Please, I don’t want anything to ruin the good mood I’m (and everyone else) is in right now.


Hey! I see my comment! Some people dont even understand what they argue about 😂


OMG, thank you for publishing it… people like that should be posted on “people who should not play IF anymore because of their siliness”


Lol that is hilarious!


Great To hear that beta is out, I am going to turn Notification for #announcements to get everything first by first!


I did the same exact thing.


Global testers leaking photos? I wouldn’t do that if I was a tester.


Whoever posted “those bugs would eat some of those people alive” (referring to the annoying IG people begging for the Global release) is just hilarious!