Evolution of Global Flight


It matters how many bugs weren’t squashed in alpha. If they got passed alpha then they will be killed during beta ;)


Yes it definitely would! :)


This is the reason of why making a topic where people can be hours and hours saying, when!?, when!?, when!?, when!? is a bad idea… the night before chrismas is being so long 😆, we just have to wait until it’s realized and that’s all, we have to W A I T


No, we just jump in a time machine


This is kinda the time where we should all hold hands and sing Kum Bi Ah


Believe it or not, it’s gone so quick. We are one step closer to the release. Like Laura said, Patience is worth it :)


If someone has a time machine please send us to when Global is realised please, thank you


“Patience is a virtue”


I do but that is my dream haha!


The convoy is on the move… Hope to see an announcement soon.


Global Flight | Testers Tracking Thread Post that here.


Don’t go out of topic guys, we have enough with the totally understandable hype of the people


Don’t compare the last update with Global…


Silly question alert.

Updating a whole platform like global flight is completely different to adding an additional aircraft.

Beta could take longer than alpha, less time, forever who knows! - Dont worry yourself about it.


That’s the best answer :) I’ll delete the comment.


Beta is really short compared to alpha, it could last weeks or maybe even days, it all depends on how many bugs need to be squashed, so the lower number of bugs the quicker the release of global.


Yeah. I feel ashamed asking that. 😳


What we are already in Beta… Am I dreaming. Did I just jumped in a space-time portal to go to the future… Is global will be release extremely soon? No way that global has began is Beta testing phase (and we are already the 12th of August).


No mate, you are not dreaming.


We have been in beta for a few hours :)