Evolution of Global Flight


Is that where babies come from?
On a serious note, this is very exciting. This is what this topic is meant for.


It’s in beta. Laura’s already posted it on her Instagram.


No need for announcement. Check Instagram. Laura had a post with #beta in it


New information and an update on progress. :)


Yeh I saw, I just thought Laura might post an announcement topic saying “I can confirm our new update - Global is now in beta” then post a few pictures that we haven’t seen before… instead of posting #beta on Instagram…


She still might. We sadly don’t know though

And didn’t she say a while back that she would give us a big announcement on the Community saying that Global is now in Beta?


All we can do is wait and see. If there is an announcement. We already know Beta has started, so… We’ll just have to wait and see.


Oh no, the closer global is the shorter time i have to finish community project cuba. This is great though, we’re now in one of the final stages for the update!


Hummm, which means that soon they are going to be around 300 beta tester?


Yeah she did say we would get an announcement on the community.


300? I don’t know if we will have 300 beta testers. But who knows?


To be honest, I don’t care how long beta takes. I am just happy beta is here. Made my day!
Now, after me: “Hip hip hooray, FDS,hip hip hooray!”


I just said 300 without any information


They might be preparing something bigger like a trailer or something we just have to wait it out and see if we get any announcement.


Absolutely very nice thinking


Honestly this might be the best meme of 2017 ;)


7 months of Alpha testing!

Here is my favourite picture -


I can’t believe it. Beta has finally arrived after a long period of time. Beta is so short, that we might get a release this week. But genuinely who knows when? All I can say is Thank you FDS for your hard work and making infinite flight are better sim :D


Sometimes, you just can’t help it! The longer we wait patiently, the more determined and confident FDS will be developing the update. Which means quicker the update. But I am probably wrong cause how would I know? I am just a IFC member not a tester ;)


Lets not start speculating now ;).